Sussex Karate Association
Sussex Karate Association
Sussex Karate Association

Sussex Karate Association
Sussex Karate Association
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Sussex Karate Association
Worthing Karate Classes

Taikyoku Shodan - First Cause
Heian Shodan - Peaceful Mind, Level 1
Heian Nidan - Peaceful Mind, Level 2
Heian Sandan - Peaceful Mind, Level 3
Heian Yondan - Peaceful Mind, Level 4
Heian Godan - Peaceful Mind, Level 5
Tekki Shodan - Iron Horse, Level 1
Tekki Nidan - Iron Horse, Level 2
Tekki Sandan - Iron Horse, Level 3
Bassai Dai - Storming the Fortress, The Greater
Bassai Sho - Storming the Fortress, The Lesser
Jiin - Temple Grounds / Gardens
Jion - From the Temple of Jion
Jitte - Ten Hands
Empi - Flight of the Swallow
Kanku Dai - Look to the Sky, The Greater
Kanku Sho - Look to the Sky, The Lesser
Ganka Ku - Crane on a Rock
Hangetsu - Half Moon
Sochin - Immovable Stance
Nijushiho - Twenty Four Steps
Chinte - Chinese Hands
Meikyo - Bright Mirror
Unsu - Hand Like a Cloud
Wankan - King's Crown
Gojushiho Dai - Fifty Four Steps, The Greater
Gojushiho Sho - Fifty Four Steps, The Lesser

Session Prices Only 8 per Adult, 6 per ChildSES


Robert Birchlea - 7th Dan

sensei Robert Birchlea 7th Dan



Sussex Karate Association have a new club - Broadwater Shotokan Karate Club - Click Here for details 

Please contact Robert on 07874 261450 to discuss your personal requirements